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Do you want to earn $1000+ per month easily? By doing simple jobs like copy-writing jobs, data entry jobs, simple typing, online form filling, programming related jobs? If yes, then carry on and read this freelance tutorial. In this tutorial [guide], you will learn the easiest and 100% legitimate way to earn lot of cash on the internet. Now you never have to click any ads, nor read any pay to read messages, Never need to refer a friend or family like you used to do in PTC Sites.

Note: You will never pay any money from your own pocket EVER to make money online.

Working at freelance sites is the best way to earn great money on the internet. You are your own Boss and you will work, whenever you want to. Let’s come to the point.

How much money can you make by doing such work?
Well, We Are earning $500+ each month, and We do Copywriting, Web Development and Data Entry jobs at below mentioned freelance Websites. We prefer only copywriting jobs, as the pay is very good, if compared to data entry jobs.

Data entry is a good option if you cannot do any other job; You can make hundreds of dollars by data entry jobs too. Here is the list of freelancing websites, We personally work only at the top two freelance sites which are mentioned in the below list. Right click and open it and continue reading

1. Get A Freelancer (GAF)
2. Script Lance (SL) [For The Option "Account Type"; Choose "Programmer" NOT "Buyer"]

Top two freelance sites [GAF and SL], which are mentioned in the above list; these two sites have a great freelance jobs market. Hundreds of online jobs are posted at these two freelance sites, every day.

Is it free to join both GAF and SL?
Well yes, its 100% free to join both freelance websites. But there are some differences between these two websites (We will explain them later).
To get work at freelance sites you need to invest some time. If you want to make living on the internet by doing freelancing, then you will have to spend 8 or more hours at freelance sites to make a decent living. On the other hand, if you want to make some extra money on the internet by doing part time jobs, then you can do work whenever you have spare time. You can work for few hours on the weekends or you can hour for an hour or so: after your full time day job is over. In the beginning of your freelance career, your goal will be to win your first freelance project. We will now explain the difference between the two sites and also, We will explain the difference between data entry and copywriting work at these sites.

Let’s talk about the first freelance site [which is GAF].
The very first thing to do: Get register at GAF. Registration process is very simple. Within few minutes, you will get your account at GAF.
REMEMBER to enter professional looking information in all fields of your profile; people [most of them] will see your profile, before they will give you any work. So make a decent looking profile. After you create your profile, open GAF home page. Now scroll down, until you see a heading called “The 50 Newest projects”. [At freelance sites, jobs and projects means the same. Getting a job and winning a project means the same]. Here you will see a list of newest opened projects that you can win. We highly recommend that, if you are not a programmer or expert in any language or field, you should then do data entry and copywriting jobs. Look for jobs under the “The 50 Newest projects” section. Open the project which you think you are capable of doing. After you open the project description page, click on “Place a Bid” and then enter the lowest amount of available money in your bid.

WHAT, the lowest price? Why?
Well, what do you expect ?
You are new at the freelance site. So you have to do work for the lowest price.
How can you get a project for higher rates, when there are many other people applying for the same project, who have high ratings?

Importance Of Ratings/Feedbacks
All freelance sites have a rating/feedback system. When a person completes a job, he/she then gets a rating/feedback. The more jobs a person do, the more ratings/feedbacks he/she will get. The more ratings/feedbacks you have, the more money you will make at freelance sites. Ratings/feedbacks are part of freelancer’s reputation at a particular freelance site. New freelancers don’t have any ratings. So, go for the lowest price.

Importance of Communication With Buyers
Communication with buyers is the most important part of freelancing. You have to send private message to buyers as soon as you place your bid. Without communication with buyers, your chances of winning a project are almost zero. After you place a bid, go back to the project description page and look for a small icon called PM (Private Message). Sending PM is the key factor in wining a project. Now click on the small PM icon, and send a message to the creator of the project and tell him that you are new but you can do an excellent job and that you will do it for the lowest price that he wants to pay for that project. ALWAYS, remember to send a PM to the creator of the project, after you place a bid. Sending PM is very important. [People who create projects at freelance sites or the people who outsource jobs at freelance sites, are called buyers] After you send the PM, wait for the reply. If you get a reply, then there is a good chance of winning that project. Your freelance career will start when you will win your first project. Open the PM to see what the buyer replied and act accordingly.

First of all: you can place bids on 15 projects/month at GAF. In contrast to the second website [SL] where you can place bids on as many projects as you want to. At GAF, if you become a gold member, you can then place bids on 160+ projects. We prefer you upgrade to gold membership as soon as you earn $12 at GAF. Here are few advantages of gold membership. There will be no project fees. For example: if you win a project worth $100 and you are gold members, then you will get all $100 after you complete the project. But if you are not a gold member, then you have to pay a fee (10% of total project budget) to GAF.

What? I have to pay any FEE?
You do not have to pay anything from your pocket. After you will complete a job at a freelance site, the buyer will pay you. You will get that money in your freelance account. If you are not a gold member, then you will see 10% money being deducted from your account. GAF take this fee from non-gold members. Let’s take an example where We won a project worth $100. After We complete the work, the buyer pays me. Now if We are a gold member, then We will see $100 in my freelance account where if We are not a gold member, then We will see $90. It costs $12 per month to become a Gold member. We suggest you first make money at GAF as a non-gold member and then you use that money to pay $12 to become a gold member. NEVER send your contact information to buyers by PM. Contact information includes email, phone number etc. In case you will send any contact information in PM then your online freelance career will be over for sure. GAF and all other freelance sites will terminate/suspend your account if they find any contact info in PM.

At GAF, don’t click on “Message Board” to communicate with buyers. You have to find “PM” icon, look for it below or in-front of buyer's username. Don’t open any other page at GAF (other than the home page) to see the latest data entry, copywriting etc projects. This is because; it’s really hard to get old projects and on the home page, you will only see new projects. Keep the home page opened and scroll down to the “The 50 Newest Projects” heading section and keep refreshing at this position to become the first one to catch the newly posted projects. The only hope for new comers to win projects is to catch the newly opened projects. If you are the first one to place a bid on the project, then your chances of winning that project increases significantly

There are many payment options available at freelance sites. You can use these payment options to get the money which you will earn at freelance sites. We suggest you select Paypal or MoneyBookers [MB]. Other payment options are not as cheap and safe as these two. You can use Money Bookers to transfer money to your bank account. It’s cheap and safe way to get your money. Don’t go for Western Union option as it’s little expensive. It’s not difficult to create account at moneybookers, but adding bank accounts can [sometimes] create problems. Once you verify your account and add your bank account; you will then receive your money with just one click. After you create account at Money Bookers: go to your Profile and click on your address to verify it. You need to verify your postal address before you can start using MB to get your money from freelance sites.

Anyway, after you click on the verify Postal address button, moneybookers will send a letter to your postal address which will contain a code. Use this code to verify your account. After address verification, you can start using your MoneyBookers account to send or receive money online. The other thing that you need to do: After you create an account at money bookers, you then have to enter your bank info in your profile.
This is because, you will first transfer your money from freelance sites to your MB account and then you will transfer this money from MB to your bank account. The whole process of getting your money from freelance sites into your bank account, can take up to 14 days. The real problem is that, you can’t use [just] any bank account with money bookers. You will need to have an account in a bank which is directly connected to SWIFT Network. The easiest way to find out whether your bank is connected to SWIFT or not, is to you call your bank and ask them to give you their bank's Swift Code. If they have a SWIFT code, then go to your Money Bookers account and try to enter your bank account information. Incase MB site fails to accept your Bank account information: then it will mean that your bank is indirectly connected to SWIFT network (Not good news). If your bank account is not directly connected to SWIFT network, then go to SWIFT Directory and try to search for the bank in your city, which is directly connected to SWIFT Network and which is the nearest to where you live. After that, you will have to go to that bank to create a new bank account there. After you create the new bank account, enter it’s information in your profile at MB. First you will request the freelancing site to transfer money to your MB or PayPal account, then you will request MB to send the money to your bank account. After few days, you will finally receive your money in your bank account.

If you can write proper English [English without spelling and grammatical mistakes], then you should do copywriting jobs. And in case your English writing skills are not very impressive, then you can do data entry jobs.

Remember: there is a big difference between copywriting jobs and data entry jobs. Copywriting jobs pay much more than what data entry jobs pay.
So, if you cannot write proper English, then We suggest you try to improve your English writing skills. You can make some really good money by doing copywriting jobs.

Best Of Luck… We hope you earn lot of money at GAF
Now let’s talk about the second online jobs site which is SL.
At SL, if you win a project worth $100, you then get $95 because the site charges a fee of 5% [this fee may change in future]. It’s a fair deal. There is no gold membership at SL.
You can bid on as many projects, as you want to. There is no PM icon at SL.
At SL, you will have to click on “Message Board” and then you will click on Post Message in order to communicate with the buyer.
All other things are the same as GAF.
We hope all the above information will help you earn lot of money at freelance sites.
Thanks to freelance sites, people can now make living at home.
That is all for the basic freelance introduction. Explore this site if you want to know more about freelance sites. In this site, you will find lot of information about freelance sites



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