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Paid to Post or PTP Sites are forums where you Earn money online by taking part in discussions, collaborating, sharing ideas and helping others. 'Get paid to post' also referred to as 'Get paid for discussion', 'Pay per post' or 'Get paid to post on forums" are websites that allow you to earn online by taking part in online discussions in a forum like environment. On the Internet you take part in and collaborate with people around the world by posting messages on forums and chating with others so why not get paid for that ?

This is easy way to earn money online by posting messages, responding to posts and socializing with others. Visit these sites, register and start reponding to posts. The easiest way to start is by responding to other's messages and once you get familiar with the site and posting structure you can start posting your own messages. Be persistent and see your online earnings grow just by sharing your ideas. Below are top free Get Paid to Post or Get paid to post on Forum sites that really pays its members and allows you to earn.


MyLot is the best and most trusted free to join Paid to Discuss sites these days. It is the fastest growing paid Social Networking site in the world. You earn money for different activities like Starting your own discussion, Responding to Other's discussions, Uploading Photographs and doing Tasks. They also pay you 25% of your referrals earning. MyLot is a place where you can earn unlimited amount of money everyday. The minimum payout is $10 but you can earn more than $25 in a month's time by spending just 1-2 hours a day. They pay by 15th of every month if your balance is $10 or above.

After you join MyLot, the first thing you do is add your interests and friends. The more interests and friends you have, the more money you will make. Your balance is displayed on top of the page.

Note: It takes about 24 hours for your account balance to be updated on MyLot. So if you have participated in discussions on myLot and your balance is still $0.00, don't get disappointed. Check it next day and you will be happy to see your earning.


This is a great Paid to Post site. They pay you $5 just for joining with photograph! Where other sites pay just $0.02 for a post or uploading photographs, MyPage5 pays you $0.15 for uploading a Video, and 2 times more in all the other activities than most of the other sites. It is also Free to Join




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