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The Best Paid To Review Sites

Getting paid to review programs is a really easy way to get paid by doing something really easy and fun. You can actually join sites and or programs online and they will pay you for reviewing all sorts of products like electronics, travel, hotels, auto loans, golf clubs etc. Usually these sites have a set price for each review. So say a website has a set price of $0.10 per review and you do 100 reviews then you made $10.

Pretty easy right? Well it is! But you also have to follow the rules in the tos section or you wont get paid, so please make sure you do this as well. Sometimes you might have to include the product name with in your review. Or you might have to write a certain amount of words in your review. It could be from 100 words to 500 words depending on what the site says.

Some review sites pay you when visitors rate your reviews and or your pages are viewed. They offer say $1.5 - $2 every 1000 page views. So, if your review is useful and viewed by a lot of people then you will keep earning from it month after month even if you stop writing reviews for that site. Great, isn't it?

Here is the list of some great review sites;

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Review Stream


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